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Biomimicry: The art of looking sideways


‘Nature knows best’ is a concept that is making big gaining ground across industries. Increasingly, products and processes are imitating real life examples known as biomimicry.

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Solar water heating finding its steam

With domestic water heating accounting for around 18% of our national energy consumption and up to 40% of a home’s domestic energy consumption, solar water heating has a vital role to play in South Africa’s renewable energy mix, contributing to the complimentary agendas of both energy security and greenhouse gas emission concerns.

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Moola for Amanzi: The eMonti Green Hub Concept

A project, the eMonti Green Hub concept, initiated by People’s Power Africa (PPA), a small Eastern Cape-based consultancy, recently attracted the attention of Dutch royalty by way of receiving first prize in the Moola for Amanzi competition.

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Geothermal: The source beneath

Although geothermal heat exchange system installations have become common in other parts of the world, this technology is still fairly new in South Africa.

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Thin Solar: Light years ahead

The advantages of thin film solar cells lie in their low cost and high conversion rate. This has major commercial implications, especially in view of long-held views that solar energy is a comparatively expensive form of alternative energy.

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Closing the loops: Biogas

Biogas digesters are nothing more than complex reactor vessels which are sealed off from the air on the outside to present an oxygen-free or anaerobic environment on the inside. Built or manufactured using a variety of methods, shapes and materials, the basic operation is always the same. Organic wastes are introduced into the vessel and the types of bacteria that thrive in anaerobic conditions get to work, breaking the waste down biologically and physically with a valuable by-product – biogas.

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