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Roofing: Choosing cover

Roofs can be divided into two categories: lightweight structures characterised by trusses, beams and purlins with some form of cladding; and slabs, which take the building’s structural form to the roofing level. Both offer their own set of opportunities and challenges.

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Between a rock and a hard place

Green building is a space of innovation, and in its pure form, sustainable practice encourages the growth of micro-economies, both on-site and around the development of new technologies.

But in South Africa, for those who have innovated ways of building with natural materials such as stone, clay and straw-bale, the path to certification is a difficult one, and one that small-scale operators and start-ups often have not been able to survive.

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Design by the people, for the people

Re-blocking joins community leaders, engineers, architects and city representatives in a communal drive to improve informal settlements, creating urban designers, architects and planners out of ordinary citizens.

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zero waste

The “Zero Waste” Philosophy

The philosophy of zero waste goes far deeper than simple recycling and seeks fundamentally to restructure the production and distribution systems of our economies in order to prevent waste from being manufactured in the first place.

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rammed earth 675w

Rammed earth – ancient, yet modern


The rammed earth construction method was used to build some of the oldest structures on earth and is still used to build walls that are beautiful, sturdy and durable. It is also enjoying renewed recognition from a sustainability point of view. We examine the method and the questions around its standardisation.

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green roofs 675w

Green roofs: Taking the garden to the top


Green roofs, also known as eco-roofs, living roofs, vegetated roofs or planted roofs, employ plants to improve the roofs’ performance and enhance visual appeal. But the benefits go far beyond mere aesthetics and amenity value.

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