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Coming soon: Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings


Mid-2016 is the target date for the release of South Africa’s regulation for the energy performance certificates for buildings, which will move the country forward in line with international best practice in energy conservation and monitoring.

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Navigating the solar revolution

Installing solar PV on residential and business rooftops allows users to generate power for themselves and to feed excess power into the national electricity grid, and is heralding a quiet solar revolution that could change the way South Africa’s energy sector works. But what are the implications and how should we best manage this new reality?

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Special report: Water PI

South Africa is a water-scarce country, vulnerable to climate change. Studies by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) show that in coming years our rainfall will intensify in some areas, while other areas will suffer longer periods of low rainfall and even drought.

But it is not only the future climate that is of concern – it’s the present too. The demand on South Africa’s main water sources, dams and rivers, exceeds their capacity.

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Upskilling artisans: plumbers

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) is focussed on enforcing new green regulations to support green sector skills development and create new jobs.

Implementing green measures across sectors is always a challenge. While the world stumbles at forging sustainable habits, supportive legislation slowly continues to shape and root out systemic issues.

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Green lease

Strong green lease agreements are beneficial for tenants, landlords – and the environment.

Some relationships can be notoriously prickly – like the one between landlords and tenants. A green lease may further complicate matters, but the end goal should be one of mutual benefit.

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Ecolabelling – How is green is it really?


Ecolabels are commonly attached to buildings and construction products which have been assessed against a number of environmental criteria. These systems are evolving beyond simple environmental checklists to holistic, quantitative assessments across a range of environmental, social and economic parameters.

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