Township & Urban Development conference

The projected high urbanisation rates will mean that cities and urban developments will grow exponentially. This includes townships and informal settlements. The proportion of people living in urban areas increased from 52% in 1990 to 62% in 2011. The estimated figures suggest that this will continue to increase to over 70% by the year 2030.

Urban migration is a result of “push and pull” factors such as looking for new job, better infrastructure, modern housing and better education. Due to the high cost of living in cities, townships become home to many migrants. How we address this reality is an important sustainability topic. The solution no doubt lies in thinking beyond and this isn’t just about standard urban developments but also for townships.

The Township and Urban Development conference gives you the opportunity to join the industry experts, professionals and decision-makers involved in every stage of proper development. The conference will be a hot bed of ideas for trends and flow in the market. It will be a platform to discuss the challenges and how to address them. It is the ideal environment to get more fresh ideas for your business. Now is the best time to examine current opportunities for the better future of African cities and towns.



  • Reassessing existing urbanisation projects and their influence on the city
  • Measuring the shift in the country’s focus onwards new urban zones expansion
  • Discussing the challenges faced by developers and planners in terms of expanding urban areas
  • Gaining insight on how the industry is reacting to growing appetite for residential and commercial spaces
  • Managing human settlements, buffer zones and commercial districts
  • Interacting with experienced industry front-liners and learning from their knowledge and expertise



  • Sustainable City-Developing World
  • Mixed income housing and high income housing: Current market situation and objectives
  • Establishing affordable homes in new urban areas
  • Video Conference: The Big Picture: Complexities, Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Development
  • Urban Planning Framework a case for Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs) and Precinct Plans
  • Far or near? Challenges in transportation system
  • Rejuvenating and de-zoning abandoned lands
  • Successful inner-city redevelopment projects: A case study of the Maboneng Precinct
  • Green-building. Creating sustainable environment 
  • ‘Intelligent Urbanism’ Dream and Reality?
  • Development of Commercial zones and public areas 
  • Financing urban development processes
  • Collaboration with local municipalities to maintain existing urban areas
  • Modular and prefabricated systems for commercial and industrial start-ups
  • Upgrading city to a liveable neighbourhood
  • Panel Discussion: Future of the cities: Evolution or revolution


Date: 2-3 April 2014
Presented by: Trueventus
Venue: The Rosebank at the Crown Plaza, Johannesburg
Website: http://www.trueventsglobalinformation/CONTRAMKTG/TOWN_URBAN_DEV_EARTHWORK_SA.pdf


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