SMARTBUILD: Sustainable Building Materials & Construction Technologies

Rapid urbanisation and government’s initiatives in infrastructure development together with building planning regulations and high infrastructural standards further encourages the African construction industry to boost sustainable practices.

With more and more buildings in South Africa getting green star SA ratings; new buildings in East Africa being rated as per the LEED certification and West Africa focusing on sustainability in a big way and in the process of setting up their own green rating systems, it presents a clear example of “sustainable buildings” getting into the trend in the market, although there is more to develop in terms of resources, technologies and awareness. Although the sustainable materials and technologies might require over 20-30% higher investments, in the long run, it will bring up to 40-50% savings in terms of energy efficiency.

The “Smart Build” Conference will be focusing on the best practices of sustainable building in the African continent, and most practical, sustainable materials and technologies for efficient implementation of green building in the African scenario. Having more and more green rated buildings in the African region, we will have local experts to present their insights on how they have incorporated sustainability in today’s modern construction whilst discussing the benefits of alternative building materials and technologies, that are gaining more popularity.


Stream one: Sustainable Building Materials

This stream will be showcasing various case studies of design and construction with natural building materials, conventional and alternative materials to improve the cost efficiency and sustainability of the building.


Stream two: Innovative Technologies

Stream two will be focused on introduction and increasing the awareness on the cost benefits of investment and adoption of the alternative technologies in the building construction.

Date: 23-25 February 2015
Presented by: Marcus Evans
Venue: Cape Town


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