Straw bale and Earth building

Are you an architect, builder or owner-builder or are you just interested in how alternative building techniques have progressed over the past few years?

Join us for a professional weekend course with natural builder and architect Andy Horn, who has 18 years of experience in building with earth and straw bale buildings as we embark on a journey of learning about natural building with a comprehensive lecture, as well as practical hands on demonstrations on how to build with straw bales.

This comprehensive course will equip you to build a structure with natural materials, whilst employing the most cutting-edge techniques, which will include soil testing, bale building, pre-plastering, fitting doors / windows, cob work, lime dung plasters, natural paints etc.

The course is open to all members of the public, but for built environment professionals the course has been validated as a CPD accredited course by the SA Institute of Architects as a category 1 course worth 3 CPD credits.

We will be raising straw bale walls using a straw bale infill and earth plaster system. The system used is particularly fast and strong, as it involves pre coating the bales in a clay slip, making a kind of ‘cob bale’ which when built in makes readymade plastered walls. In the process we will learn how to choose soils for building and we will also be mixing cob as this goes hand in hand with bale construction. Furthermore we will learn about plastering using earth fibre and our special Lime-Dung Plaster.

The Saturday mornings will begin with a lecture that covers the broader and technical aspects of these construction methods. The remainder of the workshop will be hands-on learning with on-site instruction.


Date: 16-17 November 2013
Presented by: Eco Design Architects
Venue: Napier


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